SMD CODE - Entegre, diode, transistor, capacitor, resistor

Ekleyen ElEcTrO
Smd Code A55
Type XC6114A636MR
Function Voltage Detector integrated circuit
Feature 3.6V, ±Reset PPO, Wt=1.6s, Rt=3.13ms
Package SOT-23-5
Package Picture SOT-23-5

Smd Code SOT-23-5
Pin Connections smdgx82
Pin names 1.), 2.), 3.), 4.), 5.), 6.), 7.), 8.), 9.)
Pin Picture

Smd Code
Schematic smd91DV
Schematic Picture smd91DV

Smd Code smd91DV
Style smdg6
Style Picture smdg6

Smd Code smdg6
Manufacturer Tor - Tor - Torex Semiconsuctor Ltd. - 8F Sakuranihonbashi Bildg- 1-13-12 Nihonbashikayabacho Chuo-ku- Tokyo 103-0025 Japan- Phone: 03-5652-8700 -

Smd Code 147
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